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Heath Private Cemetery

Wesley District

R.M. of Moose Jaw #161,  Heath Homestead SE 10-18-27-W2


Individual Burial Mrs. (Checker) Heath

Mrs. Heath a widow with two sons, Ted and Henry, left Wiltshire, England to their first home in Port Rowan, Ontario. An uncle, Henry Checker, had preciously immigrated to Ontario.

The Heath family accompanied by the uncle arrived in the west around 1883. The oldest son Edward John (Ted) Heath was then fifteen years of age. During the Louis Riel Rebellion Ted freighted supplies from Moose Jaw to Battleford. The first homestead was in the Wesley District near Belbeck, Sask.

Three years after her arrival to the prairies Mrs. Heath passed away on July 1 st, 1886

She was buried on the north side of SE ¼ of Section 10, Township 18, Range 27 West of 2nd . A tombstone had been ordered for the unmarked grave but left in its crate behind the barn for years until 1927 where then the crate broke and the stone snapped into two parts. Later it was cemented together to be placed on Ted Heath’s grave at the Moose Jaw Cemetery


Source: Moose Jaw Times Herald 5 Feb 1938


Leith Knight wrote in one of her columns :

At the west end of the cemetery, a headstone with one-third of its top broken off and replaced with a cement cap, belongs to Mrs. William Heath.

But Mrs. Heath is not there — she was buried along a fence line on her homestead several miles northwest of Moose Jaw in August 1888.       [ I believe this should have been 1886]

A stone was eventually purchased but by then the fence had been removed, the land plowed, and the grave's precise location lost. The stone sat around for years and had its top broken off before the family erected it on an empty plot in Moose Jaw Cemetery.

Picture taken July 2010 by Moose Jaw Genealogical Society of a headstone leaning against the chapel at the entrance.






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